‘‘A text/character or story that is not fully understood by an actor, will never be understood by the audience’’

The following quote has stuck with me throughout my various years working in theatre; however I never fully understood this power of this quote, until I started working within marketing. I know what you’re thinking; isn’t it strange how a (supposedly) unrelated subject can help you to understand something you have been involved in for so many years?  The truth is both professions have to communicate a story and personality to an audience.

So when I started to think about marketing productions, I realised that if the marketers do not fully understand the creative process, and overall story of the production, they will never really know how to communicate this to a paying audience in their campaign material. This coincidently brings me to tell you about this week’s Young Company Marketing meeting.

This week during our Young Company Marketing meeting, we were introduced to a Creative Facilitator responsible for the Young Company production; this meeting allowed me to understand the creative process the Young Company had taken, and how they had decided on the concept for the next Young Company production.

However before this discussion, members of the Young Company Marketing Forum were able to learn, and understand a little more about each other, through a variety of creative team exercises, it was a really good way to understand each member’s interests, and how they became involved with the Young Company.

We started with a ‘Name Game’, where all members formed a circle and one member was chosen to stand in the middle, the person in the middle of the circle had to call a name belonging to a member of the circle three times, and if the person did not reply before their name was called for the third time, they had to replace the person in the middle. I have to say my memory is not what it used to be, but I managed to remember a few names 🙂

After we had finished this exercise, we had to reform the circle; and then to help us understand more about each other’s interests, we played the game ‘Two Truths and One Lie’ for those of you who have never played this game (I hadn’t before Thursday) You have to think of two interesting facts about yourself, and then one lie, the other members of the group then had to guess which of my three statements was false, I am guessing my love for Tennis has not really shone through yet, as they guessed the false statement immediately.

After our group exercises, we were given an opportunity to ask questions about the creative process the Young Company had taken, when creating the production, which I cannot go into too much detail about as I would hate to ruin the surprise! But I will just say that it is inspired by Leicester’s past.  I know! I do wish I could tell you more, really I do; but I think if I did it would ruin the surprise.

So after we had an understanding of the show’s content and inspiration, we had an opportunity to discuss the plans for creative material and promotion for the show, the Communications Team had drafted a job specification for a graphic design intern, to help us create the imagery for the posters and flyers; so if you know any aspiring graphic designers or you fancy submitting an application, then please contact the Curve in order to find out more about the application process.

Before leaving the meeting, we were each asked to write down one word, based on our understanding of the Young Company production, and I am so proud to say that we all did, so bringing you back to my earlier point.

A show fully understood by the YC Marketing Team, will be one shoe not to miss!  (See if you can spot my extra clue) 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend!



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