2012 here i come! :)

Wow its 2012 already! As we all know 2012 is a very jam-packed year with the Olympics, Paralympics and the Queen’s jubilee. But we all have things in our own lives to look forward to. Priya who is also part of the ‘curve young marketing forum’ has already posted what she is looking forward to so now it’s my turn!

2012 for me has a lot of things in store, but not all are things I’m looking forward to!

I have got the curve young company show to look forward to. Last year I went to see the show ‘3am’ which was put on by the ‘curve young company’- I loved the show! Particularly seeing it was only £5 to go and see! Part of the marketing forums job is to do the advertising for this particular show! I’m really excited about helping to do this. Even though I’m only in year 9 and I am the youngest member of the marketing team I am just as excited as the rest of them! I have to choose my options for GCSE’s and to begin to think what job we want to do when I’m older. Being part of the marketing forum gives me an insight in what you have to do to pull off a marketing campaign.

One of the most important events for me will be moving schools, as this will be the year I leave my secondary school and start year 10 in a college! This for me is a very big step, I’ve spent nearly 4 years at my secondary school and on July 13th (which happens to be a Friday 13th) will be my last day at Gartree. This for me thinking about it now is very funny, as last year I was really looking forward to leaving but now I really don’t want to.

One thing each year I look forward to is the Curves shows! I love watching them I’ve seen simply Cinderella which was in 2008, private peaceful, 42nd street, the one which flew over the cuckoo’s nest, Buried Child and a few others. I particularly look forward to the Christmas shows which are put on at curve as they always start near my birthday so I tend to go with some of my friends and see the show! This year I went on the opening night with 4 friends and none of them had ever been to the curve before and they all loved the show and the experience.

I also have the whole of the summer to look forward to! This summer I’m going to see the girl football final at Wembley which is one of the events in the Olympics. I also get to go and see the first event of the girl’s football. Even though these events aren’t in any of the new arenas I am still very excited as I am actually getting to go to the OLYMPICS! I’m really looking forward to watching the Olympics take place in London even if I am watching it at home on telly!

Hopefully you to have a lot of things to look forward to this year. Hope you have a good year, And HAPPY NEW YEAR!  😀

Amelia 🙂


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