‘…a bawdy romp through sci-fi Thebes’ – Oedipussy is coming to Curve.

On 7 February, Curve Young Company member Jenni Smith and Curve’s media officer Lucy Pickering attended the opening night of Spymonkey’s ‘Oedipussy’ at Royal & Denrgate theatre, Northampton.


Kill your father and marry your mother.

That’s the basic concept at work in Oedipus, the tragedy which sent Sophocles to the top spot for playwrights in Ancient Greece almost two thousand five hundred years ago. A lot of blood, sweat and tears.

Spymonkey, a clowning quartet of rather epic proportions, have transformed the classic text into a bawdy romp through sci-fi Thebes – say that ten times fast. It’s a playful revenge against Scotsman critic Joyce McMillan’s review of Spymonkey’s last show, Moby Dick (2011). Instead of accepting her demand for maintaining the sacredly serious performance of high literature, Spymonkey do quite the opposite. There’s no shortage of blood, sweat and tears, though it’s strategically placed paper cut-out blood, sweat from running around in between costume changes and tears of laughter from the audience. This is physical comedy at its best; everything McMillan condemned – ‘silly walks and slapstick’ – which tickles the audience in just the right places.

To read Jenni’s full review, pick up a copy of The Demon newspaper.

View the Spymonkey rehearsal video

Spymonkey’s Oedipussy is at Curve, 27 – 31 March.
£10 tickets for aged 16 – 26 yrs.
For more information and to book tickets: 0116 242 3595 / www.curveonline.co.uk


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