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Fen Blog 3

Today is the casts last Wednesday rehearsal before their full week of tech and dress runs next week. As I haven’t visited for a while, the setup is more extensive as they now have a smashing brown carpet to represent their field, amongst many more props I’ve not seen before. Before they begin, the cast are practicing the ‘Harlem Shake’ – not sure this is part of the play!
I feel a bit lonely as the cast leave the room to talk to Demon FM. I’m pleased to see that they are taking an interest this year and that students are helping to promote their fellow students, it really heightens this production as being about the talent of DMU students. Everyone reappears in their costumes; they all look fetching in their light denim jeans, woolly jumpers and flowery housewife aprons. Tim surprises the group with metal buckets which they all seem especially excited about, particularly Becca who has to sit on one – Time does an impression of how she would sit on the plastic one, you can imagine.
Tim is telling everyone about their visitors for this evening – production team and set designers as well as photographers. He tells the cast that Curve’s photographer Pamela Raith will be taking photos of their tech rehearsal and that the cast can have copies for their CV. This is excellent for the cast members thinking about a professional career in acting and is an added bonus to this experience in general.
The first scene they run through is intense, frightening. The costume adds to the atmosphere but the acting has come on even more since my last visit.
I can’t continue much more as the cast then did a full run through and to explain how it went would be giving too much away. All I know is that I left the theatre feeling really emotional and I wasn’t sure why! A sure sign of brilliant acting and directing, of course. Read my interview with the cast to find out exactly how this experience has been for them.

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YAE – How We Are Getting On

I am sat here thinking ‘All right, what’s the best way to sum up the past few weeks and moments that have passed without doing them any injustice?’ and frankly I don’t think it’s possible. However, I’m going to try and cut down on the injustice in my attempt to update you.

The journey so far has been fantastic, thought-provoking, enlightening and fun among so much more. From the word go we have been working with talented artists who have been an inspiration, great examples to learn from and a form of support throughout. Citizen598 in particular have been exceptional in their support and advice even outside the training sessions that we had at Curve. The different personalities that we are as the YAE seem to have blended in well. This was quite apparent when we spent the day with weapons of sound who led us through a process of creating 2 pieces of performances in a few hours. Personally, I thought it was absolutely incredible on their part and on ours as a group. We also met and spent time with Phil Mackenzie who has been in theatre for over 30 years and has what I would call a stash of wisdom that only experience can grant a person.

All the different ideas are starting to bud off and we had opportunities to show each other what exactly we’re going to be doing. Single-mindedness and open-mindedness are interesting things to have at the same time but the past few weeks have helped me to be better able to stand firm on my desired ground but also be willing to learn from others. This has been a learning process where we have taken on challenges in almost every session and watched each other grow in the process. Through all this there was always more than enough positivity resonating from the remarkable Tim Ford…who each time makes me wonder where he constantly refills…a question I should definitely think about asking him. He’s a talented artist who will do what he can to bring out the best out of everyone under his wing.

Every YAE session has had something different and new. It’s been a great atmosphere to come to and just so you guys don’t get a biased opinion I have asked the other YAE’s how they are finding the project and this is what they said;

‘YAE has given me a lot of knowledge and confidence in being able to go into the arts industry and do what I want to do. Also the YAE group have been so supportive of each other, every time I’ve had a bad day I’d have forgotten about my worries after a YAE session.’ – Kulvir

‘Curve YAE has been an amazing experience, I’ve learnt so much and I’m so grateful for the support. It’s been a fantastic opportunity that has allowed me to develop my skills on a number of levels. I always knew I wanted to make theatre and I always knew I wanted my own business. Curve YAE has enabled me to see how both passions can work together :D.’ – Aminata

‘I’ve really learnt so much in a short space of time and met brilliant people who are really passionate about the arts :)’ – Bethany

I am clearly not on my own in thinking we are privileged to be a part of the project and have gained so much in a matter of weeks. I am excited to see what the future holds for us all. Thank you for taking time to read and please do keep watching this space for more updates.

Vicky (Curve YMF and YAE)

The Young Arts Entrepreneurs (YAE) Project

Hey guys, I hope you’re all having an amazing 2012 so far! I’m Vicky and I’m a member of the Young Marketing Forum at Curve. I have been promising over and over to write a blog post and now it’s finally here. The year has started at an absolute high at Curve for me and 10 other young people and I just want to give you guys a brief update. As some of you may already know, Curve is running a project called Young Arts Entrepreneurs that is aimed at helping young people turn their ideas into enterprise in their chosen communities. It is a project new to Curve and the rest of the United Kingdom that will be established over a period of three years. In August there will be a celebration event where we will showcase the fruits of our projects. Hopefully you will get to know the other 10 entrepreneurs and their projects soon.

At the risk of making this a long read, I’m going to talk you through how I found out about YAE, the application process and hopes for the project. So it all started with me walking past Curve and wondering if such a cool Café was for just anyone or it was exclusive…No kidding that’s how it actually started. I wouldn’t go in on my own so one day whilst on my way back home with my friend we just thought oh what the heck, we’re going in. The service we got inside was just amazing and the cakes we had were lush, definitely under-priced! Basically the few minutes I was in that building for the first time made me want to know more about it so my next stop was the Curve website.

It was so surprising that there could be so much going on around us and we could easily not realise. Anyway there was an opportunity going for young people to join their marketing team. I jumped at the opportunity faster than light and got accepted. I had absolutely no background in marketing, all I was bringing to the table was my passion and determination to let everyone I can reach, know about what’s going on. I used to be one of those people who could have easily spent three years of my University life in a city so rich and never known about it. There is always something going on so if you’ve never been on the website, get surfing.

Got a bit excited there, anyway back on course, couple of weeks later in a YMF meeting we had the flyer that would advertise the YAE opportunity under discussion and the words that I remember so vividly from our coordinators were ‘This is for anyone who is into this kind of thing even you guys can go for it!’. I didn’t think much about it but ‘subconscious me’ wouldn’t let it go. Once they [flyers] were designed and ready, me being me, I jumped on a pile, stuck the flyers on every notice board I could find, handed it to anyone I thought might be interested and sure enough kept one for myself. I kept eyeing the flyer every now and then imagining how amazing it would be if I applied and actually got through. Lots of ideas were burning from inside and I knew then that if I didn’t write an application I would remain a dreamer and never more than that. I was not about to stand in my own way so I got out of my way and wrote the application and sent it.

Curve were interested in my project idea and wanted me to pitch it to them in person in a Dragon’s Den style event. I really didn’t know what to expect. They had arranged for two people to meet me upon my arrival and just have a casual chat before the presentation. It was an excellent way to calm all the nerves and get geared up for the pitch. When it came to actually delivering the presentation there were faces that meant business yet so friendly and calming. They were keen to know more about my idea [obviously :)] and had an interest which made the presentation meaningful and enjoyable to deliver. I had a couple of questions to answer after the presentation which is always daunting but overall it was a good experience that I’m glad to have had a chance to take part in.

At the moment we are being equipped to run the projects. Once the training period is over we will have to deliver our projects and then transform them into sustainable businesses. All the 10 projects are very diverse and will work with different kinds of people. I think Leicester will definitely benefit from all 10 in very different ways, both in the project phase and beyond the life of the projects. Pioneering such a huge thing is very exciting and we are all burning to get hands on.

Thanks for reading and please do watch the space for updates!

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